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Starting the engine

Is the battery empty? Clogged candles? Let's charge from our battery or replace the discharged one with a new one.

Wheel change

Punctured the wheel or hit a hole ? In 30 minutes we will seal the hole or cut , remove the hernia . Let's level the disk . Let's restore the wheel balance .

Fuel delivery

Is the tank empty until the gas station is far away? We will urgently bring any brand of gasoline or diesel fuel from an inspected gas station.

Opening the locks

Lock stuck, keys left in the cabin? Let's open the door in 10 minutes without damaging the lock or scratching the paint. Let's fix the alarm. Is your siren constantly screaming? S ignorance has locked the door? Let's turn it off and fix it on the spot.

Wide range

It’s no secret that not all car owners today understand cars.  There is nothing shameful about it: specialization, as an integral part of progress, requires everyone to do their job and buy everything else.  Our company provides prompt technical assistance to drivers who have problems.

This is a wide range of services – virtually any roadside assistance:

If you run out of fuel (no way to get to the gas station);

If the car cannot be started without understanding the reason;

If the wheel is punctured and there is no suitable key (or jack);

If the car owner has drunk but you have to drive;

If the car is stuck in a pit, no matter where;

If the door is accidentally closed and the keys are left in the car;


What kind of help is most often requested on the road ?

Such cases are usually massively linked to regional and seasonal specificities. For example, in places where there is a lot of frost every winter, there are many who want to start the car from a foreign battery. This is especially true for car owners who do not have their own warm garage or parking lot: in the cold, all batteries drain quickly.

Why call a car mechanic rather than get help from passers-by

On the one hand, the responsiveness and mutual help is wonderful. On the other hand, unfortunately, a driver who stops to help is not always skilled enough to help, not hurt. For example, any experienced car mechanic will remember many cases when the consequences of such “help” had to be repaired by a service – repairs were more expensive and took more time. The most common lesions are typical. Let’s say something happened and the car needs to be repaired. It seems – vote and cling to the first one who stops. But the weight of the towed machine must be commensurate with the power of the towing vehicle, not to mention the strength of the rope. And if the brakes are damaged, you have to pull on a tight hitch – but who is it always with?

Towing services may be required for a variety of reasons, such as when the car is suddenly no longer able to start, it is not possible to participate in traffic, or something has happened after driving that prevents you from continuing to participate in traffic. Most often, a friend is called in such situations, but this is not the best solution. In order not to damage the car further, it is recommended to call a tow truck, which will not only be able to deliver the car without further damage, but will also make the first assessment on the spot, which can sometimes be smaller than expected. Car towing is often costly, but keep in mind that a professional will be called in to take the car to a garage without further damage, so the costs may be lower and the vehicle may be in the hands of experienced people.

Reasons for stopping the vehicle

the car battery is discharged;

the wheels of the vehicle are locked;

getting stuck or entering a ditch;

the effect of weather on the car;

has been damaged in a car accident…

Car evacuation options in Latvia are different, so it is important to know them in order to choose the most suitable option.

When choosing a tow truck, it is important to consider not only the price but also the reputation, as well as the current location so that help arrives as quickly as possible. In order to choose the best possible tow truck, it is necessary to know its service and location.

Service fee

Please specify the price before receiving the service, as each situation may be different! The price of the service may be affected by the technical condition of the car, for example, whether the wheels or steering wheel is locked, the wheel is broken, the car has slipped into a ditch or any other circumstances that affect the scope and complexity of the work to be performed.

Tow truck / Roadside assistance in LATVIA